AP Extender Setup

Andrew Wilson
3 min readJul 2, 2021

The Setup of the Wi-Fi extension

It enhances the reach of the WiFi network through increased WiFi and the improvement of overall signal quality over long distances. The extender duplicates the signal from an existing WiFi router. AP.Setup can also be configured in the same fashion.

How to connect to the WiFi Extender:

Place the extender and connect to your WiFi network by using the control. Add power from an electrical socket by placing the expansion device.

1. Set the extension in your WiFi router’s same space. Note: Only during the initial configuration is the proximity of the WiFi router significant.

2. Put your extension in an electrical socket. Green Power LED lighting. Press the Power Button if the Power LED doesn’t light up.

Connection to WPS:

  • You can access a secure Wi-Fi network without entering a password or name for the network. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). No WPS provides security for the WEP network. When you utilise WEP security,
  • On a side panel of the extender, click on the WPS button. The LED WPS flashes.
  • Within two minutes, click WPS on your router or access point. On solid green extension lights, Router Link LED lights and the extensor, your existing wireless network is connected to the WPS LED.
  • Find the extender name and update the name for your new WiFi network name for the wireless network expansion (SSID).
  • Connect to the Wavlink Extensor Setup of your WiFi devices. You use the same WiFi password for the WiFi router you use.
  • You need to be able to choose the place inside your existing WiFi router network range.
  • Wire in an electric socket with an extensor. Green Power LED lighting. Press the Power Button if the Power LED doesn’t light up. Place an extender-to-router connection in the front of the router with the LED link on the front panel.

NETGEAR Genie Smart Setup

  • To locate and connect NETGEAR EXT (SSID) to your computer or mobile device, use the WiFi network manager. The Client Link LED lights are set up when the connection is built into a PC or mobile device.
  • Open the window of a web browser on the same screen or mobile device. You will find the clever Netgear Genie Setup simply from your browser.
  • To expand the WiFi network, press the Continue button.
  • In the Continue button, type in the Password field the network password (sometimes called passphrase or security key).
  • Click the Radio Continuation button to select Private Network or Public Network.
  • Type your New Extender’s name (SSID) in the Name section and then click Continue button.
  • To connect to the new WiFi network extender, you can use the Wi Fi network manager of the machine or mobile device. Repeat this manoeuvre on all smartphones and PCs.
  • If your computer or phone still has a screen, click on the checkbox below and click the Continue button.
  • Unplug the extensor and move it to a different location near the extensor field with a weak signal on WiFi. The position you choose must be within your existing WiFi router network.
  • Wire in an electric socket with an extensor. Green Power LED lighting. Press the Power Button if the Power LED doesn’t light up. To find a location where the extensor to router connection is strongest, use the Router Link LED.

Find the right place

  • If the WiFi signal is weak, the first time that you contact the expansion network, the LED flashes for 2 minutes. Adjust the position of the extension if you do.
  • No LEDs are lit with arrows. The extender is in a decent position.
  • Blinking router arrows. Drive the extender nearer to the router.
  • Customer flashes with arrows. Move the PC or mobile device beside the extension.

Efficacy expansion

The Wi-Fi signal of Wi- Fi between router and Wi-Fi signal of the extent to the computer or mobile device can be displayed in these LED extension systems.

  1. Color coding of LEDs is:
  2. The strongest cooperation is proposed by Green.
  3. Amber signifies that the relationship is close.
  4. Red proposes a weak bond.
  5. An off LED doesn’t display a Wi-Fi connection.



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