Why Does My Wavlink AC600 extender Disconnecting?

Andrew Wilson
3 min readNov 1, 2021

Dead zones have become fun areas thanks to Wavlink AC600 WiFi range extenders, which have solved the problem of dead zones. Moving into aggressive regions while also boosting current WiFi signals by up to 30%. Even in places with poor connectivity, the Wavlink AC600 Extender extends the signals from your primary router to provide constant internet access to all your wireless network devices.

Although the Wavlink AC600 WiFi range extender has a lot of great capabilities, it has a few flaws that annoy users. In actuality, the Wavlink AC600 Setup frequently disconnects.

But don’t worry if you’re experiencing the same issue. We are entirely aware of your concern. This is why we created this step-by-step guide to assist you in quickly resolving the issue. It’s time to start reading!

Connect to the proper network name.

Once you’ve installed the extender, you’ll be given a new, expanded WiFi network name. Wavlink AC600 WiFi Extender Disconnecting has been set up successfully. It’s possible that the current network has a different SSID. Almost probable, you’re still connected to the prior network’s WiFi rather than the one you just joined. When utilising a Wavlink AC600 WiFi extender, you can notice that the device is constantly disconnecting. As a result, make sure you only connect to your extender’s network name.

Use your Wavlink AC600 Extender’s power cycle button.

To troubleshoot theWavlink AC600 Extender, you should also do a simple power cycle method. To reset your Wavlink AC600 extender, simply disconnect it and leave it unplugged for a few minutes.

Try to keep your Wavlink AC600 extender as far away from interference as possible.

If you’re having trouble with your Wavlink AC600 extender, make sure it’s in the right position. If you don’t want your Wavlink AC600 extender’s WiFi signals to interfere with those of other nearby devices, don’t put it near them. You won’t be able to get continuous internet signals throughout your house because not only would placing your device near thick or concrete walls damage your connection, but you won’t be able to since you won’t be able to if you place your device near such structures. Fixing this is inconvenient, so move your device and the extender to a different area.

Updating the firmware on your Wavlink AC600 Extender is highly recommended.

The Wavlink AC600 Extender comes with firmware pre-installed. However, the software is prone to getting outdated, which can lead to the issue. Check to see if the firmware on your extender is up to date to solve the problem. Ap.setup has the most recent firmware version. If new firmware is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

Clear out your Wavlink AC600 Extender

If the above troubleshooting methods have failed to resolve your issue, try a Netgear extender reset. All of your customisation settings will be lost if you reset the Wavlink AC600 Extender. Before doing the Netgear extender reset, it is essential that you take note of the device settings.

As a result, the Wavlink AC600 Extender must be reset.

To grip, use a thin item.

Put it in the Wavlink AC600 Extender’s reset hole.

Hold the reset hole in place by letting go of it.

Use the ap.setup setup wizard to adjust your extender at this stage.



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